Oh Goodie. Another marketing blog.

I read a lot of marketing and advertising blogs. I read a lot about innovative advertising and cool strategies. We get those email forwards or postings on Facebook with all the cool billboard ads. We all go “That is so cool.” In fact, as I’m working on this, WordPress is popping up links for me to add at the bottom (which I will) about 15 cool billboards or creative advertising.

But it’s all sort of a mystery. How’d they come up with that? Where’d they get that idea? Because it’s nice for us to admire it. As consumers. But as marketers, advertisers, or just communicators, there’s a danger of re-creation. Of hacking your own wheel out of stone and going “Look what I invented.” Not so fast, there, Mungo.

I’m a marketing and advertising professor who has to help students figure out how to create their own innvoative stuff, not re-create some innovative stuff somebody else did (thus making it quite non-innovative for the students). So I’ll do the same thing here that you see on other blogs, showing the cool stuff, the strategies. But I’ll try and add the seeds of how it was either done, or how it might have been done, or at the very least, how it is an example of a creative process that a student could learn from to create their own stuff.

I’ll also look at stuff that isn’t in a marketing context at all (or at least, not advertising). Street art & graffiti, art installations,  or anything else that strikes me and talk about how it might be harnessed for a strategic purpose. Making a new connection between two currently unconnected things: That’s creativity.

So it’s like a class, only without being tested at the end. Unless you are one of my students, in which case, POP QUIZ, get out your pencils…


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