Literal Metaphor

3 Mar

One of the things we talk about in creativity is to think about what your limiting assumptions are. Identify them, and then figure out how you can push past them.

So you are trying to communicate about Gold’s Gym. You want to say “Hey, man, your body is a fine piece of machinery. It works, it moves, it lifts. And the more you work out, the more it becomes heavy machinery.  It can do whatever you want. And you have to go to the Gold’s Gym to make your machine even more powerful. So, shoot man, how do we say this?”**

How about you do JUST that. Don’t let the fact that it’s a metaphor hold you back. You show the man as machine. You literally translate your metaphor. You make the body into a machine. You listen to the words you are using and you realize you can do that. Well, you can DO it but you’ll find some cut dude and paint him naked for a few billion hours…

Which was more uncomfortable: Getting painted or holding this pose?

Yeah, welcome to the gun show!

Forklift. (I'm not liking this one as much, in all candor.)

**All of this was said in Spanish because this ad is from Costa Rica.


One Response to “Literal Metaphor”

  1. Dee O. April 20, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Amazing post! You are so right, pushing creative limits is a good thing! These photos are amazing..

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

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