Depends on your perspective

17 Feb

So I’m in love with this street art. Forgive me. And the stuff on the  Street Art Utopia site is really cool. Since a lot of ambient media that we see is basically street art with a commercial purpose (which I’m sure would make true street artists cringe), it’s a great place to get inspired.

With all those acknowledgments out-of-the-way, I wan to talk about this kind of image:

I’m sure this kind of “art” has a name. I’ve heard it called forced perspective, and according to the Street Art Utopia site, it’s 2-D lines. And it is; it’s basically making a 2D image in a 3D world. How do you put elements of an image there are at different depths and angles, and make it appear flat if the perceiver is standing in the proper place. I’ve never encountered one in real life, but if I did, I can imagine standing in the proper place, moving over a few feet, skooching back over to the right place and watching all the pieces slide into place.

So it looks like this kind of stuff:


That’s if you stand in the proper place. If you slide over a few feet, it looks like this.

Here’s another example:

And what it looks like when the viewer stands off-center…

I saw a couch like this on Etsy one time, which invited you to sit on Stephen Colbert’s face for $5000:

No, I don't really get what the deal is w/ the Russian girl on the back.

There are other cool examples over there on the Street Art Utopia site.

I can’t even begin to think about how you construct something like this. But I can imagine how to incorporate this into an execution of a variety of strategies.

  • All the pieces coming together (Maybe two brands working together; like a brand of candy in a brand of ice cream)
  • Putting together an outfit (Imagine a model with that comes together when you stand in the right place)
  • It all looks complicated until you put the pieces in the right place. (Maybe buying a car or a computer)
  • Things look jumbled unless you have the right information (where to stand).

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