Graffitti Defeatti

5 Nov

So this:

Hilarious, right? So on the surface it seems like the advertiser got defeated.

Yeah, well okay, they did. But that’s not the point.

The point is: why is it funny? It’s never terribly funny to explain why something is funny, but what can we learn from this in order to create our own interesting communications?It’s funny because the enemy is in charge. The enemy is fighting back, in this case successfully.

So how do you shock? How do you surprise? You be the opposite of the norm. What do we expect in advertising? Some toothy endorser holding up the product and talking about how awesome it is. What you don’t expect is somebody saying “Wait up, just one minute…”

Brainstorming: Who wouldn’t want you to be successful? Who would want you to fail? Who is your “enemy?” What would they say about you? How would they try and take you down? What tactics would they take? And can you somehow use that yourself?


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