Color me interested.

30 Oct

So here’s an interesting idea- a billboard that reacts to color. When you stand in front of it, the little face changes color depending on what you are wearing.

And here’s a video with an explanation of “why” and how that for no apparently reason I’m utterly unable to embed and have stopped trying.


You see billboards like this to react to the individuals, which can be surprising and personal. People can feel involved. Mini did something like this where RFID chips (that people agreed to) in their keychains were coded to messages the people chose. When those people drove underneath the appropriate billboard, their message showed up.

My Takeaway:

I’m not beating up IBM here, so I’ll just say that I’m not so sure that consumers would elicit the message intended by IBM from this. I don’t know that the tagline ties it all together enough. I’m not exactly sure I totally get how what they were trying to communicate with this board will be accurately communicated, and understood by consumers.  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that there were other messages and that this execution was placed in such a way that the whole color/retail/sales/supply chair/ color-changing billboard made sense. Who knows. But about the execution…

The idea is simple and engaging.  You can watch them put it together in the video (quickly) and it doesn’t look like a hellacious technological feat. So why would we use it?

Brainstorming Ideas:

  • What we might want to surprise people with?
  • What we might want to tell people about themselves?
  • What they might want to see in themselves?
  • How can we get people to stand out in a crowd or how we appreciate them would all be ways of deciding to do something like this (if not this color-changing thing). How might people be recognized by a billboard?

One Response to “Color me interested.”

  1. bill February 11, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Wow that is very cool! I have never seen this, but love it!

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